Anti-Displacement Workgroup

“We believe that transportation investments can make life better for community members of all incomes, abilities and backgrounds.”

Anti-Displacement Workgroup

The SW Corridor awaits the development of a new 12-mile Light Rail line to connect the region with the Portland Metro area’s transit system. While this mega project is expected to bring great benefits for the residents, many low-income households and BIPOC business owners in the region are facing the risk of involuntary displacement as a result of the expected rise of rental costs.


The Anti-Displacement Work Group was formed to mitigate involuntary residential displacement through:

  • Preserving naturally occurring affordable housing,
  • Expanding the development of affordable housing, and
  • Offering homeownership opportunities along the corridor.

How we do it

While supporting the public efforts to promote transportation mobility and connectivity in the SW Corridor, the Anti-Displacement Work Group advocates the rights of all residents to have equal choices of where to live in the region, and how to utilize new facilities, as part of the SWEC Equity Commitments.


The goal is to build and foster a regional collaboration between community members, housing and community organizations, government bodies, funders, and leaders to provide direction and allocate resources for equitable housing strategies in the SW Corridor. The work is centered on community members who live and work in the corridor who would drive decisions that impact their lives.


Work Group Strategies

  • Racial Equity and Social Justice
  • Investment in Affordable Housing
  • Business Stabilization Initiatives
  • Workforce Capacity Building
  • Community Empowerment
  • Community Investment and Placemaking

Get Involved

If you are concerned about or may be affected by involuntary displacement in the SW Corridor get involved in our work for support.

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Workgroup Members

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