Community Leadership Cohort


Community Leadership Cohort

Unite Oregon, on behalf of the SW Equity Coalition (SWEC), is excited to announce the launch of the 2022-2023 Community Leadership Cohort (SWEC-CLC)! 

We are inviting people who embody the mission, values, and work of the SWEC and who are interested in growing their leadership, organizing, and policy advocacy skills.

Are you someone who identifies as an Immigrant, Refugee, or as a Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC)?

Have you engaged in grassroots organizing and campaigning before, or are you interested to learn how they are performed?

If so, this is a great opportunity for you. Click here to submit your application now!


General Description

  • This is a unique program that is designed to run for one year,
  • Each quarter has a set of training sessions and other interrelated activities,
  • A new member needs to commit to the cohort’s activities across one year,
  • Each member is entitled for a quarterly stipend of $300 disbursed at the end of every quarter,
  • A maximum number of 15 members can participate in the cohort each year.

Member responsibilities:

  • Learn, embrace, and share the mission, goals and values of SWEC,
  • Attend leadership cohort meetings, workgroup meetings, and monthly training sessions,
  • Contribute by sharing ideas, asking questions, critically analyzing and evaluating facts and by giving critical feedback on the work of the coalition,
  • Commit to confidentiality,
  • Join one workgroup to move issue campaigns forward, and
  • Be open to learning and participating in  public advocacy for the SW Corridor.

To qualify as a member, you:

  • Must live, work, play, or worship in the SW Corridor,
  • Have a commitment to the coalition’s mission, goals, and values,
  • Can attend retreats and meetings (Virtual until further notice),
  • Can take time to prepare for meetings, respond to communications and participate in the activities of one workgroup, and
  • Think critically about the social and economic justice issues that challenge low-income communities.

Required time commitment

The SWEC Leadership Cohort program is designed for one year. Members are required to:

  • Attend monthly training sessions (2 hours). Joining 75% (9 out of 12) of the sessions is the minimum participation to fulfill program requirements.
  • Attend monthly SWEC General Membership meetings. If members cannot join the meeting, they need to contribute by providing feedback via email, online survey or comments on meeting notes.
  • Participate in the discussions of one of SWEC Workgroups. If members cannot join regular workgroup meetings, they need to contribute via email, online survey or comments on meeting notes.

Also, the cohort members commit to checking their email for messages related to this program at least once a week for timely contribution and decision-making.


If you are interested in creating a positive impact by becoming a member of SWEC Community Leadership Cohort, submit your application now, or contact Mohanad Alnajjar at: 

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