Affordable Housing and Renter Rights

Affordable Housing and Renter Rights

Transportation investments can make life better for community members of all incomes, abilities and backgrounds. However, those same investments can also have unintended consequences for community members, including the risk of displacement.


In line with the Southwest Corridor Equitable Development Strategy, which envisions a livable, affordable, economically thriving community with reliable and safe transportation options for every resident and commuter, the SW Equity Coalition centers its activities on protecting marginalized and low-income communities against displacement risks.


The Coalition established the Anti-Displacement Workgroup to build regional collaborations between community members, housing and community organizations, government agencies, funders, and leaders to provide direction and allocate resources for strategies in the SW Corridor. The workgroup’s focus areas include:

  1. The preservation of naturally occurring affordable housing.
  2. Expanding the development of affordable housing.
  3. Offering homeownership opportunities.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made the anti-displacement work more difficult with more becoming unable to pay rent, mortgage and other housing expenses despite the government’s effort to assist low-income households through after the steep rise in unemployment rates.

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