Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The SWEC Executive Committee is made up of five BIPOC-led community-based organizations that represent affected communities in the SW Corridor. Its mission is to facilitate and effectuate the development of the Coalition’s vision, workplan, structure, and fundraising strategy based on the SWEC Charter which was ratified by SWEC’s founding members on July 31, 2020.


The Executive Committee is formed by the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT), HAKI Community Organization, Centro Cultural, and Unite Oregon. The Committee is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the Coalition, including, but not limited to:

  • Position on newly proposed public policy changes
  • Support for proposed public and private development within the SW Corridor
  • Rolling admission of new members joining the coalition
  • Relationship between the executive committee and general membership
  • Offering stipends for participation by community members
  • Provide policy recommendations and reports to governing bodies
  • Ensuring appropriate and sufficient representation of diverse members within workgroups

Members of the Executive Committee meet every month to discuss the progress made in current projects and also to formulate plans for future activities pertaining to overcoming challenges facing different communities in the SW Corridor. For that, the Executive Committee forms workgroups that actively engage with subject matter experts, government bodies, and philanthropic partners.


SWEC Work Groups

  • Technical Advisory Committee
  • Anti-Displacement Workgroup
  • WPTC Community Development Workgroup

Coalition Manager

The Coalition Manager leads Executive Committee members through coalition-building processes, develops and maintains relationships with stakeholders, convenes regular coalition meetings, engages regularly with community members living along the SW Corridor, coordinates communication between the Executive Committee and SWEC members, and facilitates discussion, requires adherence to meeting rules, and ensures discussion drives toward solutions.

Executive Committee Members

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