Here’s what SWEC is paying attention to.

Lifting leaders and community engagement

Community leads and owns investment processes and fund allocation

Community leaders participate in the public discussion process and testifying in hearings processes for issues affecting SW Corridor communities

Provide opportunities for leadership cohort and SWEC members to advocate for their priorities

Affordable housing and renter rights

Developing Anti-displacement strategy

Business development support, homeowners training, public forums, and participatory budgeting

Communities navigate homeownership and business development processes toward success

Planning and community development

Education and skill building opportunities

Implement train the trainer model

Political advocacy training 

Transit and transportation

Promote transportation mobility and connectivity

Planned investments for lightrail in SW corridor

Pedestrian safety: sidewalks, safe crossings

Small business and workforce development

Leading economic investment for small businesses

Mitigating involuntary displacement of small, BIPOC owned businesses with limited access to capital

Advancing economic opportunity for all and building community capacity for wealth creation

Racial equity and multiculturalism

Expand the breadth and depth of influence among BIPOC, immigrant and refugee, and other affected communities in the SW Corridor

Representation and testimony by 15-20 people from communities of color, immigrants and refugees on SW Corridor processes and/or committees of influence

Civic engagement from communities excluded from political and economic power