Lifting Leaders and Community Engagement

Lifting Leaders and Community Engagement

The SW Equity Coalition (SWEC) believes that in order for equitable development to be achieved, the Community should lead and own investment processes and fund allocation. Community leaders must participate in the public discussion process and testifying in hearings processes for issues affecting their communities in the SW Corridor.


A number of initiatives have been implemented by different members of SWEC to engage more community members in various discussions. In addition to specialized workshops and panel discussions to uplift the participation of the community, the Coalition is creating a Community Leadership Cohort to provide opportunities for the members to advocate for their priorities.


The Cohort welcomes the participation of individuals who represent the underserved communities i.e., Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC), Immigrants and Refugees. The goal is to provide them with knowledge and skills to effectively lead and participate in public advocacy and grassroots campaigning on behalf of their communities.

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